Review | Bootcamp for Novelists Beyond the First Draft: Writing Techniques of the Pros Series: Part 1 by Linda Style

bookcover_beyondthefirstdraft1_lindastyle5.0 out of 5 stars

Linda Style has her finger on the pulse of story development and story polishing–from beginning to end. Five stars!

Review by Eve Paludan on October 19, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

As a novelist, I always want to make my books not only connect with readers, but resonate with them, long after the story is over. This book is one of my top-shelf go-to’s for making that happen.

In Part One of Linda Style’s (2015 edition of) Bootcamp for Novelists: Beyond the First Draft series, the award-winning, multi-published fiction author and writing teacher-coach demystifies the process of revising a first-draft novel. It’s a course on solid techniques that have worked for Ms. Style, putting her books on the (big-name) bestseller lists–they are proven techniques that have worked for other writers who’ve taken her online classes and workshops, and have used the information in this book to get their own books revised into high-quality, publishable products.

This isn’t a treatise on formula writing, though. It’s a great how-to book to learn how to give novels a professional polishing when revising that first draft. I used many of the techniques in this book and they truly work.

The first three chapters of a novel are the most important and the book reveals how to hook readers from the very beginning and explains the story elements in depth, even deconstructing such mysteries as the three-act story.

Besides essays on the creative arts and technical crafting of story development, the writing exercises helped me to improve my own first drafts. Examples from published books gave me a frame of reference for the lessons with real-world examples. I feel like the book is a professional toolkit for making my books really shine.

Other pro secrets include how to use “scene and sequel” to create a page-turner that has great pacing. A scene exercise example with a detective hero was my favorite writing exercise because it revealed the four main elements that need to be included in a conflict scene. Real-world examples made methods understandable and I was able to grasp complex concepts because of the level of expertise in which such concepts are explained. True to her fiction-writing modus operandi, Style doesn’t just tell you things in this nonfiction book. *She shows you.*

Ms. Style deconstructs scenes from her books and thereby, reveals how she wove her story magic in key areas. I learned a lot, from the hook through the all-important wrap-up of a story–and everything in between, as far as character, point of view, story arcs, conflict, emotion, and so much more. The book is both a technical how-to and an artful education on creative novel crafting.

In the novel-writing business, the hook sells the current book, and the ending sells the next book. Linda Style has her finger on the pulse of story development and story polishing, from beginning to end. This is a fantastic book for serious novelists who want to deliver quality books to readers. I recommend it highly. I look forward to reading and learning from the next book in this continuing series for writers who want to “go pro.”

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